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The Spinelli Group statement on the Sibiu summit
The informal meeting of EU leaders at Sibiu on 9 May is called to reflect on the impact of the regrettable departure of the UK from membership of the Union. The Spinelli Group urges the summit not to duck this challenge. Spinelli Group President Andrew Duff said: “Brexit leaves the EU smaller, weaker and poorer. It is an unhappy experience that must not be repeated. Lessons can and must be drawn...
Letter sent by President of The Spinelli Group, Andrew Duff, to members of The Spinelli Group in the European Parliament, on the occasion of the vote on Transnational Lists by the European Parliament.
The Spinelli Group supports Juncker’s State of the Union Speech and his package of proposals to relaunch the European Union and calls for action to implement it by the next European Parliament elections.
On 25th March 2017, Heads of State and Government will meet in Rome to adopt the "Rome Declaration", supposed to give momentum and direction to the transformations the EU will undergo in the coming years. While Europeans show election after election their attachment to their values of openness and democracy, only an inclusive process, involving the representatives of the European citizens in the European Parliament, will meet their expectations: a Europe for the citizens by the citizens.
An open debate on all options presented by the European Commission is welcome because it highlights what is really at stake today for all Europeans. The Spinelli Group believes that the European Union can’t simply stand still hoping for a better future, nor can it reduce itself to just a single market or, even less, dismantle some of its policies. These options would lead to a weaker Europe less secure in today’s unstable world.
The Co-Chairs of the Spinelli Group in the European Parliament warn against European Council's attempts to repatriate power to national capitals and call upon Heads of State and Government to adopt a roadmap towards a Security Union.
After Brexit, the EU needs to organise a democratic Convention to become a real political union.
The Spinelli Group regrets the outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom and calls for a fast withdrawal process of the UK, a renewal of other Member States' commitment to European political unity and the preparation of a European Convention to reform the Union.
The Spinelli Group calls on the European Council to take resolute action to address the refugee crisis, by endorsing the Commission's proposal for a European Border and Coast Guard and recasting the Dublin Regulation in a spirit of European solidarity. A review of the governance of the Union is essential in order to provide it with the means to avoid humanitarian crises in the future.