Federalists mark 30th anniversary of Spinelli Draft Treaty

Friday 24th october marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption by the European Parliament of the Draft Treaty establishing the European Union. The rapporteur was Altiero Spinelli. The vote on 14 February 1984 was by 238 in favour to 31 against with 43 abstentions.

Andrew Duff MEP, who co-chairs with Jo Leinen the Spinelli Group of federalist MEPs in today's Parliament, says:

"Spinelli's draft treaty was pioneering. It set the terms for the constitutional debate which led up to the Treaty of Maastricht in 1990. It established the European Parliament as Europe's central political forum. It lives on even today as an inspiration to those who strive to build a more united, democratic Europe. Our recent Fundamental Law, indeed, draws on the clear thinking and provocative insights which characterised the 1984 Draft treaty.[1]

"Altiero Spinelli was a truly remarkable European leader, whom I had the privilege to meet, and it is right that we remember him today."

Jo Leinen MEP adds:

"Today we have to be as courageous as Altiero Spinelli was 30 years ago with his Draft Treaty by presenting bold ideas on future of Europe. That is why the Spinelli Group in the European Parliament has elaborated its Fundamental Law.

"After the elections the new European Parliament should use its right under the Treaties to open up a new constituent phase by initiating the necessary revision of the current Treaties. That would be the best way for MEPs to commemorate the great European leader, Altiero Spinelli."

[1] Spinelli Group, A Fundamental Law of the European Union, Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2013.