Spinelli Debate - Bozar Brussels - 5 November 2013 - 20:00 with Spinelli MEPs Andrew Duff, Isabelle Durant, Sylvie Goulard, Jo Leinen, Guy Verhofstadt ,and Maroš Šefčovič Vice-president and commissioner for inter-institutional relations and administration. The debate will be held in English and in French The unity of Europe is vital if global challenges are to be met and European values and...
Dear MEPs of the Spinelli Group, We kindly remind you that the next Spinelli lunch meeting will be held on Tuesday 8 October in Strasbourg, salon C 2.1 after the votes. RSVP by email
Par Fabien Cazenave (Express Yourself). Des manifestations ont lieu en Bulgarie depuis de nombreuses semaines. Pourtant, rares sont les médias qui en parlent. Notre contributeur Fabien Cazenave fait le point sur la situation et son traitement médiatique.
L'Europe se meurt ? À qui la faute ? Au fil des ans, les dirigeants nationaux détruisent ce qu'ils prétendent construire, ils séparent ce qu'ils prétendent unir. Autant vanter l'amour en faisant chambre à part...
It would be naive to believe that Germany's economy can stay healthy while much of the rest of the continent is "sick". So, as Peer Steinbrück and the SPD demanded repeatedly, it is in Germany's interest to finally rethink its strategy and boost growth writes Jo Leinen MEP.
Les elections européennes de 2014 : Le débat, c'est maintenant ! Paris, 16 septembre 2013. Conférence par Jacques Delors, Yves Bertoncini, Elisabeth Guigou, Guy Verhofstadt, Pascal Lamy, Pervenche Berès, Sylvie Goulard
European Leader of the Year Award 2013 given to Guy Verhofstadt and Daniel Cohn-Bendit for their shared vision on the future of Europe
Publication on how to respond to the rise of populism in Europe and to the success of extremist parties? With the contribution of Isabelle DURANT, Daniel COHN-BENDIT, Martin HIRSCH, Gesine SCHWAN, Jean-Michel DE WAELE, Michel HASTINGS, Nicolas LEVRAT, Gerassimos MOSCHONAS, and Takis PAPPAS
Just few days before European Council’s meeting, the Young European Federalists remember auspices created by Franco-German Statement signed last 30th May and emphasize the following. We welcome initiatives for growth... 26 giugno 2013 - Bruxelles. Astio tra Parigi e Bruxelles. Hollande ripudia l’Europa? Parla la Goulard. Nel pieno di una crisi aggravata dall’incapacità di riformare il paese, nell’Europa della Germania riluttante ma egemone, volano gli stracci tra Parigi e Bruxelles.