Publication "The Rise of Populism in Europe"

Publication : How to respond to the rise of populism in Europe and to the success of extremist parties?

Tensions between politicians and citizens are exacerbated by a situation to which the European Union struggles to respond. In this context the European project and the daily running of its institutions cannot win the full commitment of its citizens. Europe is seemingly no longer credible and with the horrors of the Second World War fading, a “common destiny” is no longer really justified. And so within this fragile political and social context, we have seen the resurgence of populist parties and their prevailing popularity.

Following these observations and under the patronage of Isabelle Durant, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Jean Michel de Waele, the Spinelli Group has gathered 5 politicians and 5 academics from different EU countries to answer the issue of the raise of Populism in Europe. This small group has confronted political experiences and academic analysis in order to produce few possible solutions.

 The Rise of Populism and Extremist Parties in Europe

By Isabelle DURANT • Daniel COHN-BENDIT • Martin HIRSCH • Gesine SCHWAN • Jean-Michel DE WAELE • Michel HASTINGS • Nicolas LEVRAT • Gerassimos MOSCHONAS • Takis PAPPAS


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