Manifesto for the future of Europe: a shared destiny





Bruxelles, 5 September 2018

As the political parties prepare for the European elections next May, MEPs from the cross-party Spinelli Group launch an ambitious Manifesto for the constitutional reform  of the Union.

The MEPs argue that deeper integration is vital if the Union’s long-term future is to be assured. They call for the creation of an effective government  accountable to a stronger legislature. Executive authority should be centred on the Commission, with a Treasury empowered to levy taxes and issue eurobonds. The European Council  should run the Council of ministers, allowing the abolition of the rotating presidency.

The Court of Justice should develop as a federal supreme court. Law-making would be simplified and made more open. QMV would be the norm. Cities and regions should play a larger part in EU governance, and EU citizenship strengthened. Enhanced cooperation should be encouraged, leading to the establishment of a federal core group.

The Spinelli Group argues that future treaty revisions  proposed by a Convention could only be blocked by the European Council acting unanimously. Constitutional amendments would come into force before they had been ratified by all states. A new category of associate membership, introduced for existing members who choose not to advance to federal union, might also be an attractive option for Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and the UK.

President of the Spinelli Group Andrew Duff said: “This Manifesto shows the way forward to a federal union based on the values of liberal democracy, solidarity and the rule of law. It will serve the next Parliament and Commission well as they face the challenge of running a Union made weaker and poorer by Brexit, and which is under attack by nationalists and populists at home and abroad”.

Manifesto for the Future of Europe: A Shared Destiny, 44 pp., ISBN 9781-5272-28078.