Daniel Cohn-Bendit "Quo vadis Europa...?"


Council of Europe - Debates on European Identity (2013 - 2014)

Sixth Debate, 18 November 2013 - Daniel Cohn-Bendit "Quo vadis Europa...?"

In a recent article Daniel Cohn-Bendit argued that “the time is ripe for a transnational, trans-generational, trans-partisan, grass-roots and crowd-funded movement to take European integration to the next level”.

He suggests that Europe has a role to play as one of the global leaders, but to achieve this, Europe needs a paradigm shift based on the abandonment of national sovereignty and a move away from state-nation structures.

Is Europe ready to undertake these kinds of reforms and do European institutions have enough legitimacy to do so? What are the limits of European integration and what responsibilities would national states have in a transnational Europe?  Could European identity one day substitute national patriotism?

These and other questions were addressed by Daniel COHN-BENDIT who introduced the sixth European Identity Debate with a presentation that was followed by a lively discussion with a very numerous audience.